inovasense letterbox sensor

  • Location optimization for mailboxes through ongoing mail volume measurements
  • Display of real-time data      
  • Monitoring of collection times
  • Possibility of dynamic route planning
  • Immediate evaluation and control of any logistics process 
  • Easily optimize letterbox collection process and save on transport and labor cost
  • With information about collection times you are able also monitor and evaluate collection process an offer better services
  • Easy to implementation into existing postal IT system

Retrofit Solution

Say goodbye to costly new investments. With our Letterbox Sensor for Post Collection Letterboxes, there's no need to invest in new smart post-boxes to improve your services. Our retrofit solution allows you to upgrade your existing infrastructure, offering better and cheaper postal services more conveniently. This cost-effective feature ensures you can make the most of your existing resources while still reaping the benefits of smart technology..

Instant savings

Experience immediate cost savings with our Letterbox Sensor for Post Collection Letterboxes. The intelligent technology behind our device allows you to easily optimize your post-box collection process, leading to significant savings on transport and labor costs. By introducing efficiency into your operations, this feature delivers instant value, making it a smart investment for any postal service seeking to reduce expenses and streamline their process.

Easy installation

Installation has never been easier. With our Letterbox Sensor for Post Collection Letterboxes, the setup is a breeze and takes less than 5 minutes. The sensor is designed with user-friendliness in mind, requiring minimal effort for installation. Plus, enjoy the convenience and peace of mind with our 3-year onsite maintenance interval. This long maintenance period ensures your operations run smoothly without frequent interruptions, keeping your postal services on track with ease.

S‚Äčolution benefits

  1. Improved Efficiency: The sensor provides real-time data, monitoring of collection times, and dynamic route planning, enabling postal services to streamline operations and make informed decisions.

  2. Cost Savings: By optimizing the letterbox collection process, postal services can save significantly on transport and labor costs. The retrofit solution also prevents the need for new investments in smart post-boxes.

  3. Enhanced Service: Real-time monitoring and evaluation of the collection process enable postal services to improve their offerings, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction.

  4. Ease of Integration and Installation: The sensor can be easily integrated into existing postal IT systems and installed quickly, ensuring minimal disruption to ongoing operations.

  5. Long Maintenance Interval: With a 3-year onsite maintenance interval, postal services can enjoy uninterrupted operations for extended periods.

  6. Sustainable Solution: By optimizing the collection process and enabling the use of existing post-boxes, the solution promotes sustainability in the postal industry.

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