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Unlock the full potential of your products with our comprehensive development services, tailored to your unique needs. Trust our expertise to deliver cutting-edge, connected devices that elevate your brand in the global market. 

Wo We Are

inovasense, a European Union-based custom hardware and IoT electronics developer and device maker, is committed to driving businesses forward by creating innovative and advanced products. Our team of skilled engineers and designers possesses deep expertise in security concepts, embedded security, Bluetooth, ultra-low power hardware design, and LP-WAN communication technology, and is dedicated to providing end-to-end electronics, hardware, and software development services tailored to your unique needs

Our Services

At Inovasense, we provide end-to-end custom hardware and IoT electronics development services to help businesses create innovative and advanced products. Our expertise spans security concepts, embedded security, Bluetooth, ultra-low power hardware design, and LP-WAN communication technology. Partner with us to bring your ideas to life and stay ahead of the competition.

Product Design

Through thorough consultation and innovative concept development, we transform your ideas into feasible, market-ready designs.

Hardware Development

Our team specializes in robust system architecture, ultra-low power hardware design, and effective component sourcing.

Software Development

We provide custom software and firmware solutions, focusing on IoT communication protocols and embedded security.


Utilizing rapid prototyping, 3D printing, and CNC machining, we turn your product designs into tangible prototypes.

Testing and Certification

We conduct thorough in-house testing, ensure international standard compliance, and coordinate third-party product evaluations..

Industrial Production

Our focus is on manufacturing optimization, stringent quality control, and continuous production monitoring and support..

Supply Chain and Logistics

We manage your supply chain end-to-end, ensuring efficient production flow and timely order fulfillment.

Post-Production Support

We offer comprehensive post-production support, including firmware updates, troubleshooting, and user training.

What our customers say

As the owner of VAM System, a company specialized in car security, it was essential for us to collaborate with a partner who understood our distinct security requirements. Inovasense was that partner. Their expertise in secure electronic product development and rigorous product testing was evident from the start. They designed and implemented a custom hardware-based security solution for us that was not only innovative and robust, but also secure. Our collaboration with Inovasense has significantly enhanced the safety features of our car security systems, enabling us to offer superior service to our clients. For their top-tier solutions, rigorous testing protocols, and commitment to customer satisfaction, I wholeheartedly recommend Inovasense.

Richard Vámoš

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Why Choose inovasense?

Partnering with Inovasense brings a wealth of benefits to your business:

  • Industry-Leading Expertise: Our team is comprised of highly experienced engineers, many with over 25 years of experience in electronic device development. This depth of knowledge ensures we provide innovative, practical, and efficient solutions

  • Security-First Approach: In the digital age, security is paramount. At Inovasense, we prioritize security in every product we design and develop, helping to protect our clients and their customers from cyber threats.

  • Customized Solutions: We understand that each business has unique needs. We offer tailored solutions to meet these specific requirements, ensuring our clients get a product that perfectly fits their needs.

  • Trusted Partnership: More than just a product development company, we are a trusted partner. We work closely with our clients, offering guidance and support from initial concept to final product launch and beyond.

  • Proven Track Record: With over seven years of experience in the industry, we have a proven track record of delivering robust, secure, and efficient electronic and IoT devices for clients worldwide.

  • Innovation and Excellence: We are dedicated to innovation and excellence. We stay abreast of the latest technologies and industry trends to ensure our clients receive the most current and optimal solutions.

Choosing Inovasense means opting for a partner dedicated to delivering top-tier, secure electronic and IoT product development solutions that prioritize your needs. Connect with us today to learn how we can help transform your ideas into reality.

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