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Secure. Interoperable. Flexible.

Inovasense leverages the power of Java Card technology to bring you secure, interoperable, and flexible solutions for your smart card and embedded device needs. Our team of skilled developers possesses deep expertise in building, testing, and deploying robust Java Card applications across a range of industries.

Banking and Financial Services

Trust Inovasense to provide secure transaction solutions for your financial services. Our Java Card applications offer the perfect platform for payment, loyalty, and identity programs. With advanced cryptographic capabilities, we ensure secure authentication and safe financial transactions .


Inovasense brings the power of Java Card technology to the telecommunications sector. Our SIM card applications provide a secure environment for mobile identity, contactless payments, and more. We offer solutions that can be remotely installed, updated, and personalized after the cards have been issued, making us a flexible partner for your evolving telecommunication needs.

Government Solutions

We build secure digital identity solutions for e-Government applications. Ranging from e-Passports to national ID cards, our Java Card applications securely store biometric data and personal information. With our solutions, you can strengthen national security and reduce the risk of identity theft

IoT Security

Safeguard your connected devices with our Java Card applications. We ensure secure authentication and encryption for your IoT devices, protecting sensitive data from cyber threats. Trust Inovasense to bolster your IoT security, so you can confidently connect and expand your IoT ecosystem.

Custom Java Card Development

At Inovasense, we understand that each client has unique needs. Our team of experienced developers is ready to help you create a custom Java Card application that fits your specific requirements. With our deep understanding of Java Card APIs and a keen eye for security, we'll build a solution that's robust, secure, and tailored just for you

The Java Card Operating System (OS)

The Java Card Operating System (OS) is part of this technology. It is the software layer that interprets and executes the Java byte code, providing an abstraction between the application and the underlying hardware. The Java Card OS ensures that the applet execution is secure and isolated from other applets, providing robust protection against potential security threats.

Java Card technology is commonly used in SIM cards, banking cards, passports, and security tokens where the need for secure data storage and secure transaction processing is paramount. It also allows for multiple applications to be installed on a single card, thanks to the OS's ability to securely isolate different applets from one another.

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